Our Achievements 2016-2017

Nurturing Talents

At Gamma Construction Ltd, we deeply believe that our people is at the heart of our success. We invest significantly in the development of our people through our in-house coaching programme and also learning and development programmes designed to meet the needs of our people.

As an employee of Gamma Construction Ltd, you will have the opportunity to

  • Grow,
  • Develop your Career and 
  • Challenge yourself to reach new heights

We have in place a Performance management system geared towards organisational and people development. Challenging objectives are set for both the organisation and the individuals and management ensures that people are given all the necessary resources and support to meet and exceed these goals.


We aim to recruit the best candidate who will match our high standards but who will also demonstrate qualities to be part of the Gamma family. 

Should you wish to join the Gamma Construction Ltd family, please share your professional résumé with us. Apply now