Our Achievements 2016-2017

Island Signature villas for Le Parc de Mont Choisy

Luxury residential properties

The development of luxury residential properties is one key area in the Mauritian real estate sector. For more than 20 years now, Gamma Construction has been closely linked to the design and construction of such high-value properties. This is one of the reasons why, along with our company’s sense of innovation, Gamma Construction was selected to build luxury villas for the Le Parc de Mont Choisy residential project.

The high-end luxury villas have been designed as per each client’s specific requirements. Named Island Signature villas, these are provided with high quality finishes, including European inspired cabinetry, granite counter-tops and high-grade tile flooring.

Gamma Construction also undertook external works, including setting up storm water drainage systems, pump rooms, a ramp, a drop-off area and driveways. Moreover, Gamma Construction had the responsibility to coordinate and monitor the progress of specialised sub-contractors involved in the building and the finishing of the villas.