Our Achievements 2016-2017

Our History

The history and development of Gamma Construction Ltd is intrinsically linked with that of the island of Mauritius. We have greatly contributed to the modern Mauritius through the construction of hotels, luxury villas, offices, road network development and maintenance.  Below are the key milestones of our history.

1961: Randabel & Sons Ltd was incorporated.

1980: Company changed its name to Civic Limited.

1986: Gamma Construction Company Limited was created.

1988: Gamma Construction Company Ltd acquired Civic Ltd.

1994: Civic Limited changed its name to Gamma-Civic Ltd.

2000: Building and Civil Engineering Contracting business was detached to form a strategic alliance with Murray & Roberts Contractors International. New entity MRGC was created.

2002: MRGC was renamed to Gamma Civic Construction Ltd.

2007: Gamma Asia Construction Ltd is formed, a sister company to Gamma Civic Construction Ltd.

2010: All subsidiaries were organized into autonomous operating companies.

2011: Gamma Civic Ltd was incorporated to concentrate all the Civils and asphalt operations in one company.

2012: Gamma Construction Ltd was incorporated after a merger of Gamma Civic Construction Ltd.